Guest Information

Guest Information

We are thrilled to have you as a guest at Charlotte Country Club. Before arriving on club property, please review the following information regarding club dress code, cell phone policy, information on our locker rooms, and more.

Cell Phones

For the complete and undistracted enjoyment of everyone at the Club, the use of cell phones is prohibited on club grounds. We ask that everyone please follow this club policy. Courtesy phones are available throughout the Club. Silent communication (texting and email response) is available in the men and women's locker room only, or during business meetings held in one of our private rooms.

Dress Code

Clubhouse & Dining Rooms Dress Code: We want you to feel comfortable at our Club by carefully adhering to our dress code. The dress code for the main floor of the clubhouse is casual attire at lunch with no sports attire except as permitted by the Club at special events. Jackets are required for Gentlemen after 6:00 p.m. on the main floor. Guests and gentlemen 12 years of age and older should adhere to the Club Dress Code. All clothing made of denim is prohibited in all areas of the Club with the exception of the casual dining area.

A similar dress code applies in our dining rooms, however, gentlemen are not required to wear a jacket.

The Porch Dress Code: Casual attire including tasteful denim with no rips or tears will be acceptable in the casual dining area. 

Other Areas of the Club: In other areas of the Clubhouse and on the grounds, sportswear, including Bermuda shorts, is generally acceptable. Swimsuits, swimsuit cover-ups and hats and caps are prohibited inside the Clubhouse. Clothing made of denim is prohibited in all areas of the Club.

Golf Dress Code: All golfers must wear shirts with collars and sleeves, except female golfers may wear sleeveless shirts with collars or collarless shirts with sleeves. Shorts must be loose fitting "Bermuda" style, preferably knee length and no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. No tennis shorts or skirts, beach shorts, bathing suits, or athletic wear are permitted. Short socks are permitted, but socks must be worn at all times.

For guests joining us on the golf course, please read more on our CCC dress code, etiquette, and course rules found here.

Junior Dress Code: Children must adhere to the same dress code policies as above: daughters are to follow the women's dress code and sons are to follow the men's dress code.

Shirttails are to be tucked in at all times.

Any junior wearing a hat or visor must wear it correctly. Hats worn sideways or backwards are not permitted on club grounds.

No jeans, cut-offs, cargo pants or athletic wear are permitted. Shorts must be knee length.

Golf Shoes: Thank you very much for using our locker room facilities to change into your golf shoes and appropriate athletic attire.

Tennis Dress Code: Proper tennis attire and regulation tennis shoes are required. Gentlemen generally wear a collared shirt, but in light of recent tennis attire trends, a collarless performance tennis shirt for men are acceptable with no cotton t-shirts or sleeveless shirts allowed. All attire is subject to the discretion of the Charlotte Country Club tennis staff.

Men's Locker Room

The Men's Locker Room may be accessed by entering the door on the left side of the main Clubhouse, going down the stairs, and entering the second or third doors on your right (the bathroom and locker room respectively). Our locker room attendants are happy to assist you. Steam and sauna rooms are available in the shower area.

Ladies' Locker Room

The Ladies' Locker Room may be reached by entering the door on the right side of the main Clubhouse and going down the stairs directly in to the Locker Room door, which is on the right at the bottom of the stairs. Our locker room attendant is happy to assist you. A sauna room is available near the designated changing rooms.

We hope you have a wonderful experience while visiting our club. For questions, do not hesitate to call the Front Desk at 704-334-0836. Please see the Contacts page for our address page and list of staff.