Charlotte Country Club
2465 Mecklenburg Avenue
Charlotte, North Carolina 28205
main 704-334-0836


Charlotte Country Club is a private, member-owned club. Membership information is available through current members. For information, please contact your friends, co-workers, or acquaintances who are members of the Club.

General Assistance

Please contact our Front Desk Receptionist at 704-334-0836 or complete the Request Information form.

Wedding Receptions and Event Services

Charlotte Country Club is a private, member-owned club. The facilities and services are for our members and their guests. All events at the Club, including wedding receptions, must be held by or sponsored by a Member. Please contact our Event Planners for event planning assistance.

Taylor Oikemus, Senior Event Planner
[email protected]

Katy Dingman, Event Planner
[email protected]

Megan Jensen, Event Planner
[email protected]

Website Assistance

Our Communications Department is happy to assist with the website. Please contact:

Emma Reeves, Communications Manager


See the Careers page of this website.
Tracy Rivers, Director of Human Resources
[email protected]


General Manager/COO   Priscilla Eich
Executive Assistant & Committee Liaison   Emily Vile
Golf Course Superintendent   John Szklinski
Director of Golf   Eric Williamson
Tennis Director   Sears Driscoll
Executive Chef   Laurent Pillard
Communications Manager   Emma Reeves
Director of HR   Tracy Rivers
Assistant General Manager   Quinn Moe
Clubhouse Manager   DeMichael Givens
Assistant Clubhouse Manager   Samantha Brookshire
Assistant Clubhouse Manager   Nate Lamb
Assistant Clubhouse Manager   Katelyn Sapp
Talent Acquisitions Specialist   Alyssa Goodwin
Assistant Clubhouse Manager   Katelyn Sapp
Facilities Maintenance Director   Lynn Grainger
Locker Room Manager   Jon Cherry